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Standard Deviations Podcasts: Ashvin Chheda & Dr. Daniel Crosby 

Ashvin Chheda - Immigrants + Finance (Pt. One)

Ashvin Chheda - Immigrants + Finance (Pt. One)

In this episode, Ashvin Chheda, President of Opes One Advisors, discusses several financial threats and options that immigrants face. 

Tune in to hear:

  • What impact from coronavirus is Ashvin seeing on his clients?
  • Which workforce sectors are getting hardest hit, so far, by Covid-19?
  • Potential approaches financial professionals can take when there are unprecedented levels of uncertainty
  • What the concept of “bucketing” means within a financial plan and how this can encourage positive investment behavior
  • How to counsel a client set on sending money home to family abroad without having their own stable financial house secured
  • While every person’s financial situation is unique, how in general do the financial concerns of a first generation American differ from say, a fourth generation American? 
  • What are some unique financial planning considerations for clients on a work visa?